May 15, 2024

Brother Design is Growing Start-ups into Power Brands Through Design

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New Zealand has never lacked innovative producers and entrepreneurs, said Jenny McMillan, business development director at Brother Design. McMillan continued that what the country’s not quite so good at, however, is seeing those artisanal producers through to enjoying wider success, which is a shame, not just for the brand owners but the public. “Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the best of New Zealand’s artisanal produce?”

Brother Design has more experience than most at taking small, artisanal brands and giving them the design strength they need to thrive. But it’s not easy, not least because resources are often tight.

One of Brother Design’s heroes, Ernest Rutherford, talked about this, stating that if businesses haven’t got the money, then they’re going to have to think. As a design business, Brother Design has to be flexible and smart when dealing with brands of different scales, as it works with some of New Zealand’s biggest brand owners and some of the smallest.

Essential to both is understanding the market environment, and Brother Design has a proprietary process that helps it do this efficiently and effectively. It’s particularly focussed on the ‘sharp end’, where purchase decisions count: in-store and on the shelf. By informing the design strategy this way, amazing results can be achieved.

“Take Delmaine as an example. We tend to think of it as an established brand, but its roots have always been artisanal: high quality and authentic.”

Redesigning Delmaine’s range posed unique challenges because, while it needed updating, there were strong cues that were unique to the brand and needed to be retained. It takes a skilled designer’s eye to spot how to lift or update a design dramatically while doing this.

While nothing changed in terms of product, when the new designs for Delmaine hit supermarket shelves, the improvement in sales was dramatic and immediate. ROI was off the charts, and this was for a brand that was already doing very well.

For many artisanal producers, sustainability is essential. For some of Brother Design’s clients, like Trade Aid or Waitoa Chicken, it’s pivotal to their positioning. Managing sustainability claims, whether in communications or on the pack, is fraught. However, it needs careful handling to avoid over-claiming, including insufficient verification or substantiation. Experience helps, and Brother Design has navigated through this with several clients. The right design, however, can enhance a brand’s appeal in this area while avoiding many pitfalls.

If you’re one of New Zealand’s growing brand of artisanal producers, Brother Design salutes you. “We love what you’re doing for the quality, variety, appeal, and authenticity of produce in this country.”

McMillan encouraged those brands at that stage of wondering what’s next and how to grow without losing what makes what they do special to talk to Brother Design. Brother Design loves sharing great products with more people through the power of great design.

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