October 1, 2018

Making sustainability a competitive edge

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In packaging sustainability is an acute issue, and only becoming more so as concerns over plastic pollution grow.

But at Brother Design we’re increasingly finding the pressure is creating diamonds. Take our recent work for Trade Aid chocolate as an example. The underlying materials have a strong sustainability story, using things like vegetable-based inks and compostable films. We took the brief as an opportunity to design something with a contemporary ethnic flavour, inspired by the origins of Trade Aid’s suppliers.

It’s a look that grabbed a nomination at the recent Best Awards and it’s flying off shelves.

So is another environmentally-conscious brand we’ve designed and helped launch: Living Green. Based on natural ingredients and endorsed by the Natural Product Association, this cleaning product range has taken no time at all to establish itself and win favour with consumers. It too has packaging features that move in the direction of genuine sustainability, with natural bamboo closures and laundry scoops.

The more we apply ourselves to the task of creating more environmentally-friendly packaging, the more opportunities we see. And the response in the market tells its own story.

Article from FMCG October 2018