July 13, 2021

Using Design to Stretch Your Brand’s Possibilities

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It’s easy to think of packaging design as being about presentation rather than anything more fundamental: that it’s the ‘wrapping’ that lets a brand present a pretty face to the world.

The reality is, design can and does make all the difference to a brand’s appeal. In fact, it can be its foundation. And for FMCG products more than many others.

One way to appreciate the potential is to simply think about a commodity product. Plenty of them populate the grocery category, frequently in the guise of an own-label (or two) plus a handful of brands vying for attention. Rarely are the margins so big that much comms support can be afforded, leaving the battle to differentiate and create a value proposition down to the on-shelf presentation.

The product itself might be bought wholesale, but it’s the packaging that makes the difference. Even when the offering’s more complex, with more of the value proposition resting with, say, the formulation of the product or the master brand, the same holds true. It’s born out by countless redesigns we’ve completed that have immediately transformed a brand’s fortunes, then delivered ongoing growth. With other changes limited or non- existent, when we see such profound shifts we know it’s our work that moved the needle.

Design is a powerful tool. It’s why successful clients of ours, like Farrah’s, are always alert to optimising their appeal. So for marketers out there seeking to gain attention, boost sales and increase share, make sure yours is performing at 100%.

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