October 19, 2021

We’ve been here before

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New Zealand’s first experience of lockdown was characterised by uncertainty. There was a fear of the unknown, giving rise to some wild speculation about what life on the other side would look like. This time round we know the drill: it’s highly unlikely human behaviours will be changed forever.

Being confident about knowable outcomes is the product of experience. And when it comes to design, we at Brother have a fair bit of it. Our challenge is convincing clients, some of whom have not seen so many successful redesigns rolled out, to spend money on doing it.

It’s easy to look at the budget for a redesign as a cost and consider spending it a risk. What if it doesn’t work? But that approach fails to consider the opportunity cost. What if your existing design isn’t working, or isn’t working hard enough? What if the results it’s delivering could be much higher with better design?

A recent project for Delmaine provides a useful lesson. An iconic brand, known for the quality and authenticity of their Mediterranean-inspired food, the brand owners understood the range’s look was ready for a refresh. When we presented back they were very pleased with the work, and even more so when the new packaging hit the shelves. Delmaine surged into a clear leadership position in the Pasta category within weeks. It was a similar story in Pasta Sauces, with significant sales growth expanding the whole category.

Clients may not always expect to see such an effect so quickly. But it’s something we have seen time and again, across many categories. Good design–built on sound methodology, experience and talent–delivers reliable results. It’s why we stand confidently behind what we do. Because we have well and truly been here before.

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